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Rayner Doors Ltd recently completed supply and installation of front entrance door to live/work unit in a conservation area of Shoreditch, London.

The design criteria for the job was to provide a steel security door,with a hinged glazed opening panel above, this would allow for full height opening when required. This door has other special features, which included oversized letterbox, spy viewer, two colour paint (Green external White Internal) and access control.

This project was achieved on budget and on time with great success.

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At a time of year when businesses are taking in extra cash during the lead up to Christmas and the sales that follow, it’s essential to make sure your business is secure. As businesses generally close up over Christmas time it’s really not difficult for an opportunistic burglar to find a building that’s going to be left unattended until the New Year.  Not only this but if a break in did occur, the theft would be undetected until you arrive back after the festive season.

In order to prevent this from happening it’s really important to step up your security measures and make sure that your company isn’t one opportune burglars are likely to mess with. Doors that open inwards are much less secure than those which only open outwards as it’s easy for inward-opening doors to be forced open.

It’s not just the direction that the door opens that’s important though, the material it’s made of also plays a huge part in how secure your business is. Wooden and uPVC doors are both popular and aesthetically pleasing. However these types of doors are also extremely easy to break through.

In order to make sure your company is a no-go zone for thieves a high security steel door – like those from Rayner Doors – is essential.

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Portable heaters are a common sight in many business establishments at this time of year. In order to maintain productivity as the temperatures drop, portable heaters everywhere are taken out of cupboards, dusted down and plugged in under employee’s desks.

Although there’s nothing wrong with using portable heaters to ease the chill in the office it’s essential this electrical equipment is checked by health and safety professionals before being used. It is also imperative that the heaters are switched off when everyone leaves for the night. In the UK – where portable heaters are responsible for hundreds of fires every year – Fire and Rescue Services throughout the country are issuing warnings and safety guidelines to reduce the risk of fires, caused by these appliances, throughout the winter months.

If you do make use of portable heaters in the workplace then you need to make sure they comply with health and safety standards. Equally as important you should make sure that all fire doors are also up to standard. Should a fire breakout over winter because of a portable heater, having the correct fire doors in place – requirements state fire doors should hold for at least 30 minutes before being weakened by flames – then your business will have a much bigger chance of survival.



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If you plan on decorating the outside of your home or workplace over the festive period then you need to be sure that you’re only using decorations that are intended for outdoor use. People can have a tendency to use indoor lights outside their home which comes with obvious dangers.  Not only does this put colleagues and others at unnecessary risk but if you do place indoor decorations externally in a professional environment and a fire does breakout, you’re unlikely to be insured.

As long as you follow the correct safety procedures and manufacturer’s instructions when you’re installing any outdoor lights and decorations you shouldn’t come across any problems.

  • Make sure the decorations that you’re using – especially if they’re electrical – are intended for outdoor use
  • Ensure all decorations have been fixed securely against walls and windows – using fixtures that are suitable for outside use – in order to prevent problems during bad weather
  • Any electrical equipment should be plugged into a residual-current device (RCD) which is a safety feature that cuts off an electrical current if the circuit is not balanced. These can be bought as portable units or they can be permanently wired in by a professional electrician.
  • In order to prolong the life of outdoor decorations make sure you bring them inside after the festive period in order to prevent hazards developing throughout the year.
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19th December

Christmas tree safety

At Christmas time it’s important to be extra vigilant at home and in the work place when it comes to safety. As decorated trees, candles and other outdoor and indoor decorations are often forgotten about, badly placed or overheat, fires in the home and at work are more common at Christmas. In fact according to Churchill Insurance Company, statistics show there is a 26% increase in fire accidents in the UK across the whole of December.

In order to help you, your family and your workplace stay safe this Christmas follow these few guidelines when choosing and positioning your Christmas tree:

Choosing your tree

If you buy a fresh tree for your home or office then you should make sure that it’s been freshly cut otherwise it’s likely to be too dry. Run your hand down a branch near to the top of the tree; the needles should not fall off, nor should they break. If this happens it means that the tree is too dry and you should choose another. If you have an artificial tree then make sure it’s fire retardant.

Looking after your tree

Before placing your tree in the stand cut a couple of inches off the bottom of the trunk, as this will help provide maximum water absorption. You should also make sure you water your tree every day.

Placing the tree

Ensure your tree is placed in a wide base, away from doorways and any sources of heat so that it can’t be tipped over or accidentally catch fire.

Decorating the tree

When using lights to decorate your tree outside or inside, at home or at the office make sure they’ve been approved and tested and always follow manufacturer’s instructions.

Fire safety is extremely important at this time of year so be vigilant and ensure you have the correct safety procedures in place, in the case of an emergency.

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There’s really no point in having a strong door that doesn’t lock. You might think this is obvious but there are so many people who forget to lock the door to commercial buildings when they leave at night. As a consequence of this negligence, unlocked door has become one of the most common entry point for opportunist burglars.

It has to be said that locks are probably the most important security device in any building, consistently preventing intruders from gaining access inside. In order to optimise the security of a building, there are a few tips you should take into account when having new doors and locks installed:

  • Make sure you consult a professional on the type of locks that will be best for the building you’re trying to secure.
  • Just as doors are rated for security, locks are too, so it’s a good idea to check your chosen lock’s rating before making a final decision.
  • Although you might think it’s a good idea to install your chosen locks yourself because it saves hassle and money, it is a good idea to have them installed by a professional locksmith. Although you might be reluctant to fork out the extra cash to have them professionally installed, at least you will have the peace of mind that your home and work place will be safe to leave overnight.

After all, a poorly fitted lock offers no security benefits at all.

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Although you might think it, burglars aren’t stupid which means they won’t make their jobs any harder than they need to be. A burglar’s main prerogative is to get in and out of a building undetected and as quickly as possible and will therefore try the easiest points of entry first. Breaking through windows and doors poses a risk of getting caught and therefore the majority of burglars will try all accessible windows and doors for any that have been left unlocked or even open, before they break in.

Main door

Surprisingly, if a burglar is going to get into a building successfully without using any force, the front door is generally their place of entry because so many people forget to lock it when they leave at night. Even if the main door is locked, if it’s a weak locking mechanism then burglars will still be able to get in easily. Rayner Doors have a range of security doors including multi-lock steel security doors which are intended for this exact purpose and will prevent any intruders from finding it easy to enter your property.


Leaving a window open or unlocked is an invitation for an opportunistic burglar to take whatever’s inside. Burglars don’t like a challenge because it takes them too long to overcome, meaning that they’re more likely to get caught. So if your building looks secure it is fairly safe to assume that a burglar is unlikely to go anywhere near it.

Make sure you replace any old or worn windows for new ones with sophisticated locks in order to present thieves with a challenge and make them think twice before breaking in.

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6th December

Easy fire prevention methods

Abiding by fire safety laws and requirements is exceptionally important, especially in the workplace. If a fire rips through your company then not only will you lose your livelihood but there’s also a risk of death and injury to friends and colleagues. It’s not only sticking to fire safety measures that will help to protect you, your company and your workforce as there are plenty of fire prevention techniques that you should aim to stick to too.


If your business uses chemicals then it’s essential to make sure they’re used and stored correctly. When handling chemicals it’s imperative for them to be labelled in order to identify what they are and any threats that they could pose to the user.


Although clutter in itself is not dangerous, in the event of a fire clutter could make evacuation exceptionally difficult if it’s blocking walkways or exits. It is therefore really important to make sure that floors, walkways, stairs, entrances and exits to the building are clear at all times.

Fire doors

There are so many companies that don’t have the correct fire safety doors installed or, if they do, they’re only resistant for the minimum time of 30 minutes. Fire doors from Rayner Doors have a fire resistance of at least four hours, which not only means that all members of staff should get out of the building easily but also that the fire can be contained so your business has a much larger chance of survival.




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Just like everything else security doors need to be maintained if they’re going to be kept in proper working order and perform to their optimum level.

While the majority of security doors are made from steel and are therefore made up of a number of non-corrosive materials, it’s still a good idea to check for any kind of erosion and decay every now and again. If your door does start to decay then discovering the damage early on should mean that it can be salvaged and the issue addressed, preventing further corrosion from occurring.

A lot of the time security doors won’t be used and as long as a burglar hasn’t successfully broken into your business you probably won’t think to check them for any signs of forced entry. It’s always worth checking the doors for any signs that someone may have tried to break in because if they have, the doors are likely to have been weakened, meaning that they might not be able to withstand a future attack.

In order to make sure your security doors always look their best it’s essential to keep an eye on the paintwork because nothing looks worse than peeling paint. A security door that looks shabby and dilapidated because of peeling paintwork is much more likely to be targeted by burglars than one that’s been freshly painted and looks like new.

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When it comes to your business, security should be at the top of your list of priorities. The last thing any company owner wants is their business to be broken into and their livelihood snatched away. Unfortunately this undesirable scenario is all too likely to become a reality if you don’t take security seriously.

Steel security doors are a great place to start when it comes to securing a building. Having said this steel security doors offer different levels of protection. For example, a door that hasn’t been certified provides only the most basic level of security. If you want to protect your building by installing a door that will stop a burglar in their tracks then it’s essential to choose one that’s been certified.

A certified door is tested against various weapons and forms of attack to see how it would stand up against a burglar or other intruder. A level one rated door will only require light tools and some body force to be opened, whereas a level three certified door will require much heavier tools such as a crowbar – even this is guaranteed to open it.

Rayner Doors has a number of security doors available which will help increase the safety of your building by deterring burglars. All of our doors are certified which means that you can go home with peace of mind that your business will be as you left it when you return in the morning.

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