Portable heaters are a common sight in many business establishments at this time of year. In order to maintain productivity as the temperatures drop, portable heaters everywhere are taken out of cupboards, dusted down and plugged in under employee’s desks.

Although there’s nothing wrong with using portable heaters to ease the chill in the office it’s essential this electrical equipment is checked by health and safety professionals before being used. It is also imperative that the heaters are switched off when everyone leaves for the night. In the UK – where portable heaters are responsible for hundreds of fires every year – Fire and Rescue Services throughout the country are issuing warnings and safety guidelines to reduce the risk of fires, caused by these appliances, throughout the winter months.

If you do make use of portable heaters in the workplace then you need to make sure they comply with health and safety standards. Equally as important you should make sure that all fire doors are also up to standard. Should a fire breakout over winter because of a portable heater, having the correct fire doors in place – requirements state fire doors should hold for at least 30 minutes before being weakened by flames – then your business will have a much bigger chance of survival.