At a time of year when businesses are taking in extra cash during the lead up to Christmas and the sales that follow, it’s essential to make sure your business is secure. As businesses generally close up over Christmas time it’s really not difficult for an opportunistic burglar to find a building that’s going to be left unattended until the New Year.  Not only this but if a break in did occur, the theft would be undetected until you arrive back after the festive season.

In order to prevent this from happening it’s really important to step up your security measures and make sure that your company isn’t one opportune burglars are likely to mess with. Doors that open inwards are much less secure than those which only open outwards as it’s easy for inward-opening doors to be forced open.

It’s not just the direction that the door opens that’s important though, the material it’s made of also plays a huge part in how secure your business is. Wooden and uPVC doors are both popular and aesthetically pleasing. However these types of doors are also extremely easy to break through.

In order to make sure your company is a no-go zone for thieves a high security steel door – like those from Rayner Doors – is essential.