High Security Doors

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Certified doors are high security doors that have been specifically designed and tested to withstand attack from various types of tools and implements for varying periods of time.

Steel security doors have three main certification bodies "Lps" loss prevention board, "Env" and "Secured by Design" which is the official UK Police flagship initiative. These high security doors support the principles of 'designing out crime'.

Non certified doors provide basic levels of security, which can be improved by combining different combinations of quality of  door hardware, however, the only proven option is with certified doors, for which testing is carried out to various standards, at each level the implements and tools change. For example, level 1 will allow the use of body force and light implements, level 3 will allow all the implements of level one plus many more tools such as crowbars and hammers of a certain weight.

Insurance companies may specify exactly which certification they require, if detail of certification is not provided we have all the test data for you to provide to you client, to allow them to make an informed decision. Certified steel doors are available with many hardware options and can provide proven security with all the functionality needed to safe guard your business or commercial premises.