Metal Security Doors

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Metal security doors that offer top quality appearance
and high levels of security

Commercial buildings often need to fulfil two requirements: top quality appearance yet high security. At Rayner Doors we have a range of attractive metal doors and security doors that meet both requirements.

Front entrances are generally required to look architecturally pleasing as well as provide security, our aluminium and steel framed door and window systems are ideal for this application. Other doors to the building may require more of a focus on security, our metal door ranges provide all levels of security and functionality, finished with a durable, long lasting powder coated finish our metal doors are ideal proven security solution for your building.

Stainless steel doors look highly attractive and are used in kitchens and public areas for hygienic properties, also where corrosion could be a problem, for example near the coast or for swimming pools.
Metal doors not only provide style and security, they are longer lasting than wood or upvc so represent good value for money.

Call us now and we will recommend exactly the right security doors for your needs and budget.