Specialist Steel Doors


By specialist steel doors, we mean steel doors that are designed with specific features as well as the typical strength and security that steel doors provide. For example, our wood effect steel doors are ideal for office locations, adding a far more subtle look, wood effect allows the doors to be matched in with the existing or new interior designs, whilst still retaining all the inherent strength properties of metal doors.

Stainless steel doors are used in swimming pools and sports facilities as well as kitchens and food safe areas. Stainless steel does not rust or deteriorate and is therefore very good for use in harsh environments such as coastal, marine and industrial facilities. Stainless steel can be finished as polished or satin and is therefore visually pleasing and useful for creative design.

Steel acoustic doors are designed to provide resistance to transmittance of sound. Sound resistance up to 52db can be provided. To meet their design requirements, sound proof steel doors get very thick and heavy to achieve this top end rating, whereas lower down the scale the more average rating of around 35db provide a more standard, lighter door.

We have developed specialist ranges of steel security doors for wind farms and substations which are designed to provide strong, long lasting security with durability and a great deal of practicality. Wind farms require doors which are often required to have more opening, closing and hold open features due to the remote and open environments at which wind farms and substations are often located.