Louvered Fire Doors

Steel Fire Doors with Fire Rated Louvre Panels

When required, Rayner Fire Resistant Doors are fitted with a Fire Block Louvre System. In the event of fire the intumescent block expands to 80 times its own volume filling the door void preventing the flame spread.

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Construction: Consists of an FB intumescent block grille only 14mm thick within the door leaf and an FDLS two-part steel louvre set which fixes to both sides of the door and sandwiches the FB intumescent block. 18g Galvanised steel frame louvre blades. (Stainless steel Grade 304 and Grade 316 available to order.)

Applications: Designed to be used on fire rated doors fitted to rooms that require ventilation. A standard louvre will allow ventilation but will also allow the passage of flames and smoke, but a Fire Block Louvre System will maintain the integrity of fire doors and prevent the spread of flames.


Examples are doors to plant rooms, stores, computer rooms, changing facilities and manufacturing areas. In fact, any area that requires ventilation but is protected by a fire rated door.fire rated louvre panel sizes

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Price: From £1500 + vat (inc. delivery)

Lead Time: Approx 4+ Weeks